How can I get income and caste certificate - The AJSK is introduced Karnataka state we are giving a online applying people certificate if you need certificate applying in AJKJ.
Benefits of online process
·        If u save your time and transport expenses.
·        You can’t get leave for that applying leave.
Caste certificate
The following caste certificate importance is so many people is under the low class people so this depend on people caste certificate is different if you are the applying yours particular certificate.
Caste certificate using place
Then you have child it’s using in your child school also. You’re the preparing for government exam if you applying in exam it are used for the particular movement. The following information we give for the caste certificate information and appalling method. If you don’t have a certificate you go to the link and applying a certificate in your own place.
If you have any information goes to the link and you gather the information. If you have don’t know about we giving information.  You go to the web page in our page certificate.  Most of the people don’t know about the caste certificate in applying online  If your illiterate it’s very simple you go any internet center you tell them information he will tack him to applying a your caste certificate.
The following information is honestly we giving to you if you cannot understand you go to our web page you know the information in my website. The village people is must don’t have the caste certificate so we giving the information to village people also it’s understandable also.

Income certificate Details
The  main thing is income certificate importance is income tax the following people is so many people low class people so the government is give some amount to the low level people in the monthly or yearly the people is trying to understand the information in our web page.
If the family of the member in 5 to 10 or above the government in give some amount if in case the family is having low level then the family get some amount the following the child is going to study a any school or college in the optional of the government is give to some amount for he studying amount some amount for the amount to the student and if the that student complete he/she study he will go to government job its used for that movement also.
The above the low level people is also need a income certificate for  our monthly salary so he will get more that of salary in our family size below that 5 if the paid a tax we will above the 5 will paid for the government low details method in so the most of them people is low level people so most of them don’t know about that so we give information to the people under stable so that vary clearly we gives to you  its will be available to the phone method also we great full launch to the phone method have to applying to the phone also.
 It will be understandable so we giving information for the illiterate people under stable also in the following that mobile device support appellation also we gives we the people we download the app and get the application link and you go to applying to get your cast or income and more than that certificate if you what you want particular if you have a method step by step.
Fist you go to this ………….. Link and do like this image

Step: 2
Type your number and get verification like this.

Step: 3
Login your id like this.

Step: 4
Select online applying like this.

You have to appear some page click OK like this.

Step: 6
The following information type your details like this.

Step: 7
This page also fell your details like this.

Step: 8
The like step 5 page same process do like this.
Step :9
Finally choose your payment option like this.
You got the certificate and payment details like this. If you have any not understandable method you see the image and you know the method you get the caste or income certificate
Reference links
AJSK and AJKJ home page

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